Small Groups

We have a range of small groups that meet on different evenings in the week that create community and belonging. Please contact the church office for more information about any of them:

Space for all

We are committed to finding ways of including those who have often found church culture to be unwelcoming.

Refugees and asylum seekers. We believe that ‘welcoming the stranger’ is a biblical imperative and a number of refugees and asylum seekers are among our church members. The church has been enriched by these friendships as we have walked together through the challenges of seeking asylum and integrating into British life, learning from our different cultures along the way.

Sexuality. We are keen to find ways of including those from the LGBT community within the life of the church and to step away from language and attitudes that have often left people feeling excluded. This is a challenge, for we are not of one mind on these matters, and we are aware how our differences of view cause anxiety for some. If this is a concern, please come and speak to one of the leadership team, as we want to journey with people, gay or straight, single or in a relationship, as we follow Jesus together.

Disability. We aim to dismantle the barriers that make participation in church life hard for those with a disability. Within the limitations of a building that we don’t own, we try to make our Sunday worship service accessible, and The Branch, our church office, is disability friendly. We have an additional needs coordinator who acts as an advocate for the whole church and advises the children and young people’s team on strategies for supporting those who require it.


meet weekly or fortnightly to pray, read the Bible and care for each other. This is where people find friendships get grounded and the reality of faith in daily life is explored.

Walk, Eat & Talk

is a monthly gathering for seniors who meet for morning coffee, friendship, exercise and lunch. T4U is also monthly, but simply meets for afternoon tea and cake with a quiz and a thought for the day thrown in.

Crossing Points

is an allotment project for asylum seekers and refugees that provides a place of welcome and safety for those who have left their own country to find refuge in the UK. It is also enjoys a very productive harvest!

Craft Club

meets fortnightly to try their hand at a wide range of crafts.