Faith Journey

We'd love to help you explore faith, wherever you are on the journey.

Search Course

We often run a 4-week course for those who want to explore faith and ask questions. The group is small, informal and discussion-based with topics ranging from whether God exists to who Jesus might have been and how all this effects our life.

My Story

If you want to read some stories about the faith of people in our church, please click here.

Try Praying

Also, if you are searching for something spiritual, try praying! Try Praying is a short week-long practial introduction to talking to God. Have a go – you never know what might happen!

Bible Course

We run a 8 week Bible course based on materials from the Bible Society which will give you an over-view of the Bible using video and a handbook. If you want to find more about how it all fits together, who key Bible characters such as Moses and Jesus are and get the chance to ask questions.