Sundays Out

On the second Sunday of each month, we don’t meet altogether. Instead we gather in a variety of groups out and about in the neighbourhood.

We call this Sunday Out. Each group seeks to meet and serve people who live in Olton and Solihull. We aim to be inclusive and generous and alert to the opportunity to signpost people to Jesus. Meeting times vary for each group, so if you want to be involved, please contact us or come along and ask on a Sunday In.

Community Support and Involvement (CSI)

We pick litter, paint fences, clear undergrowth… whatever jobs need doing to improve life in Olton. We work with the Council who provide us with a job list and the necessary equipment.

SHARE (Seniors Having A Relaxing Experience... with God)

Join us for coffee and biscuits and a time of praise and and listening to God.

Community Prayer

A group praying for the community of Olton

Crossing Points

We provide tea, coffee, cake and a meeting place at the Gospel Lane allotments committee’s hut with the purpose of getting to know the other allotment holders.

Fairfield’s Home

Providing a time of community and support together in a local home

Network group

Meeting together to share fun and community together

Neighbours’ Brunch

We are two local families who open our homes to those who live on our streets, hoping to make connections and build community as we meet over brunch.

Have I got news for you?

We meet at Happy Heart Cafe to reflect on the news stories of the past week, sharing thoughts and views over brunch.

Sunday Brunch

We meet and eat at local homes and provide a place of connection and welcome, especially for the partners of church members who don’t themselves come to church.


Actually on the fourth Sunday evening of the month, a team of people prepare and take soup and sandwiches to the homeless in Birmingham City Centre as part of a multi-church project.


We enjoy the company of residents in the local Josiah Mason Trust care home and help them engage with a range of activities.

Sports Day Out

We are a group of young people, young adults or just the young at heart who play a variety of sports with the aim of including friends and family members.