OK Club

Kids 0–11

We have a range of groups that meet on Sundays and through the week for 0–18 years.

Crèche is available for children aged 0-2 ½. It is fully staffed and has a large selection of toys. Children are collected by their parents at the appropriate part of the service (usually about 11.40).

Explorers is for children from 2 ½ through to the reception school year. A mixture of Bible stories, crafts, singing, games, play and prayer, help the children to meet with Jesus each week.

Adventurers is for children in school years 1, 2 and 3. It’s lively, and combines different learning styles with fun and games to help the children understand more of our faith.

Voyagers is for children in school years 4, 5 and 6. The children are encouraged to think more deeply about Christianity, but still in an entertaining way, using many different ways of learning.

OK Club social events take place every term for children in Adventurers and Voyagers, giving an opportunity for children to build relationships and have fun together bowling, den building, watching movies, competing on Wii and more.

Messy Church

All ages

Messy Church is good fun for all ages.  It is a once-a-term way of being church for families and involves fun activities, games, crafts, worship and food. We start with the games and crafts, move to a different part of the building for lively worship and story-telling and then finish with tea together, leaving with all the things we have made. Children and adults alike are all welcome.

GOBS, YOBS, Deeper & Shallower

11-18 years

GOBS is our Sunday morning gathering for 11-14 year olds, which enables them to question what it is to be and live as a Christian. It is challenging, high energy and sometimes messy, and Sunday mornings are complemented with a mix of social events and weekends away.

YOBs is for 14-18 years olds. They meet on Sunday evenings to explore all aspects of Christianity, wherever they are on their spiritual journey. It’s a varied programme of socials, discussions and silliness with the odd residential thrown in.

Deeper and Shallower are our alternating mid-week meetings for all our young people combined. Deeper takes them further into what a biblical faith looks like, while Shallower aims for a lighter touch with some fun and games.