We are bombarded with a whole range of voices around us who influence us in positive and negative ways, how do we sift out the voices of spiritual significance?  Who has influenced us in our life, even unconsciously, and what is the impact of this through our thoughts, actions and words?  Who do we influence, and how do we influence people, negatively or positively, unconsciously and consciously?  Moreover, what is the Biblical view on influence, how are we to live our lives as salt and light in our families, communities and world?  How are we to be Jesus and what are the things we should stand up for and those we need to turn a cheek to?
As part of this, we will have a couple of services as part of the series, where we will ask 3 or 4 people from the congregation to share about how God has been speaking to them in their situations related to the topics we have been looking at.